KIDS’ ROOM – The Own Empire

Interior Design

What happens when there are no limits to creativity and budget?

The customer wants her daughter to have her own imaginatively designed kids’ room with a high floor and everything else a kids’ room needs.
According to the motto ‘for my child nothing is too expensive’ this playful empire of different levels and functional areas was created. Fortunately, it was an old building with enormously high ceilings, so that upward hardly limits are set.
In addition to the sleeping, learning and play areas, a cozy retreat zone with beanbags and a flatscreen was integrated, where a curtain sometimes protects against uninvited adults. And what should not be missing: plenty of storage space with integrated closet and a large mirror.

In the end, the project was unfortunately not realized – but not due to lack of budget or creativity, but due to the sale of the house and a move. Too bad.

Task Area

  • Creative Direction
  • Concept
  • Draft
  • Visualization


  • Snoeck & Co //


  • Private Customer


  • Hamburg


  • 2012