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Sascha Kovar
Senior Interior Designer


Since 2005 I have been working as an interior and product designer – graduated from the Hamburg University of Fine Arts – on own projects as well as for different, well-known design and interior architecture offices in Hamburg.



This includes classical interior design and spatial design of brand identities as well as the pure product development of furniture.



A full service creative direction in the field of interior design: from concept to design, its planning to production and implementation; its creative supervision as well as consulting support until the completion of the project. In terms of HOAI the service phases HOAI LP 1-8.

A full-service creative direction in the field of furniture design: from concept to design, prototyping and planning to production supervision and consulting support.



The professional experience from the wide-ranging design knowledge of interior design, spatial design of brands and furniture design enables me to have a differentiated approach to and view of the individual project. The combination of conceptual-design thinking and the knowledge of exact detailed solutions is for me an advantage.