Retail Experience Design

Maximum of flexibility in a small space!

Only about 35 sqm showroom space and a tight budget for the implementation – not exactly ideal conditions for the presentation of three brands! In addition, the presentation form should also be extremely flexible, because each backpack collection of the main brand Herschel varies in color / fabric combinations. It is important that the entire collection is presented frontally, so that the customer can see the entire spectrum directly in front of his eyes.

The solution: thanks to a grid system of holes in the wooden walls, it is possible to adapt the entire system to the individual new collection. The dark wall and ceiling then put the wooden surfaces in the right light and offer a very natural and lively presentation.

Task Area

  • Creative Direction
  • Concept
  • Draft
  • Visualization
  • Design & Implementation Planning
  • Consulting


  • Black Trading Company // Fola Osu


  • Munich


  • 2016