INKLANG – The New Ayers Line

Product Design

How does the redesign of a very successful product on the market look like?

For one or the other, hardly anything has changed – but here is a speaker series redesigned from the ground up, in almost every detail and not only in the name!

Of course, the clear & reduced design has been retained and the discreet surrounding bevel – the distinctive recognition feature of the brand, is still present.

At first glance, the new all-black speaker chassis visually catch the eye, as well as elegant stands on which the speakers prove their new stability. For the not-so-technology-loving connoisseur, the speakers now show up in calming fabric covers that attest to its even more homely atmosphere. Last but not least, the smaller models of the series – the Ayers One and Ayers Two are raised on completely new stands, or tilted in the perfect direction on the sideboard.

True to the motto: What sounds extraordinary, should also look like it!

Task Area

  • Creative Direction
  • Concept & Draft
  • Design
  • Design Planning
  • Consulting


  • Thomas Carstensen, CEO // INKLANG

Product Launch

  • 2020