BELLEVUE – Finest Individual Eyewear

Retail Experience Design

How do you create a powerful stage for independent eyewear brands?

As soon as the visitor enters the store, he senses that high-quality, authentic and individual collections can be experienced here. The interior design is pure, clear and noble; it directs – perfectly illuminated – the customer’s full attention to the main protagonist: the various eyewear brands. The interior design directly picks up the idea of the corporate design: The lines of the logo reappear again and again in the furniture up to the filigree lighting object located in the center.

The different collections become one big whole through the uniform presentation – the design bracket is the furniture band on the wall, which draws the customer to the back of the store. It serves both as a presentation area for the eyewear brands and as a stockroom in the lower area. Once the choice of glasses has been made, the customer always sees them in the right light thanks to the lighting integrated in the mirror!

Task Area

  • Concept
  • Draft
  • Design & Implementation Planning

Interior Photographs

  • Sascha Kovar


  • BilenBuildingBrands // Jasna Bilen


  • Karin Stehr // owner BELLEVUE


  • Hamburg


  • 2017