DENTOLOGICUM – Reception & Waiting Area

Interior Design

How do you achieve a feeling of confidence and relaxation in a dental office?

Going to the dentist is not exactly associated with relaxed feelings for most of us. But it is precisely here that the patient should feel competently taken care of and be able to remain calm.

The very first seconds of entering a dental practice are crucial for this feeling. For this reason, the reception and waiting area has been designed as one room and thus exuding trust and transparency. In addition, the color combination of white and accentuated green was not chosen without reason in the bright and light-flooded room: White, the color of purity, perfection and flawlessness meets green, the color of nature, hope, the sign of freshness and health. Together they form a good duo and are complemented by wooden fronts and fabric seating. The tendril element serves not only as decoration, but also has a lively effect and works well as a visual space divider between the areas.

So enjoy your next visit to the dentist!

Task Area

  • Creative Direction
  • Concept
  • Draft
  • Visualization
  • Design & Implementation Planning
  • Site Supervision

Interior Photographs

  • Sascha Kovar


  • Snoeck & Co //


  • MVZ Dentologicum GbR


  • Hamburg


  • 2012